Tranby Skolekorps

In english

Tranby is a small village situated 30 km west of Oslo, the capital of Norway. In 2011 the school band celebrates 50 years of music activity. The jubilee tour starts and ends in Chicago in July 2011.

Tranby School Band is a volunteer band, organized by the parents of children and youths from Tranby. The musicians (approximately 90) usually start playing an instrument at the age of 8. The elder members are about 18 years old. The band gives concerts, participates in music competitions and even contributes as a marching band! Only the elder group (age 11 to 18) visited the USA in 2011. This was definitely a lifetime experience for our musicians!

We play a variety of music styles; film music (Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Grease, ABBA...), marches (King Size, Valdresmarch...), church music (Mozart, Bach..), soloist pieces, traditional Norwegian music and modern symphonic band compositions (mainly American composers). In short: A large variety of music styles.

Our conductor is Mr. Henrik Trømborg (51). He is a woodwind player (clarinets and saxophones), educated teacher (primary school) and has a background as military musician in the Norwegian Army. Mr. Trømborg has worked with Tranby School Band as conductor since. Under his enthusiastic leadership the band has reached its highest musical level ever.

The Junior Band is conducted by Mrs. Tone Fossum Olsson. She is a trumpet player educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She also works as an trumpet and cornet teacher, as well as a performer. 

Visit us at the internet (Norwegian language only) or on Facebook